Dri-Line Baby

Semi-Fitted Diaper

 Semi Fitted Diapers are mostly used in hospitals due to their low price. They are 100% cotton flannelette, 8 layers in thickness elasticized only in the leg area and has adjustable snaps. They are color coded for sizing.

Sizes: S,M,L,XL

SFXSX-SmallWhite0-6 Lbs
SFSSmallYellow6-15 Lbs
SFMMediumBlue15-20 Lbs
SFLLargeGreen20-30 Lbs
SFXLX-LargeRed30 and Up

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Proudly Canadian
Driline Baby is the is the 'baby' branch of Dri-Line Products Ltd., a leading Canadian manufacturer of incontinence products and linens for the health-care industry for over 25 years.
In addition to hospital and health-care items Driline specializes in reusable baby diapers and accessories.

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