Dri-Line Baby

Leak Proof Pads - Dri-Pad 36"x52"

 34x36"Dri-Pad - Leak Proof Pad used for changing the baby, crib, mattress etc. This is a multi-purpose pad.

New colors: Saphire, Pink Romance, Papaya, Plaid or Orange and White Chevron!!

Other colors: Brown and Pink Polka Dot, Dalmatian Blue and Blue Dog White Pad.

 34"x 36" - 1 pad

Eat - Sleep - Pee - Change - Beach - Park - Play - Adult - Senior - Baby - Toddler- Pet

Absorbent Pad - Machine Wash and Tumble Dry  Canadian Made for over 25 years

Great for Baby/Adult Incontinent use, Bed Protection, Beach Play, Car and Travel and Pet Leak Proof Protection.

Custom Sizes available. 






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Proudly Canadian
Driline Baby is the is the 'baby' branch of Dri-Line Products Ltd., a leading Canadian manufacturer of incontinence products and linens for the health-care industry for over 25 years.
In addition to hospital and health-care items Driline specializes in reusable baby diapers and accessories.

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