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Menstrual Pads - Cloth

Menstrual Pads

Dri-Line – Cloth Menstrual Pads.

Hey mom it’s time to kick your disposable habit too and try a natural, economical alternative! Today’s environmentally-friendly and responsible choice for feminine protection is reusable, washable cloth menstrual pads. 

Super soft cotton flannel pads measure 3” x 9” (when folded), they are long and thick enough for menstrual, post-partum or incontinence protection. Pads are constructed of top and bottom layers of %100 cotton printed flannelette. Sandwiched between the two layers of flannelette is on absorbent layer of %100 cotton terry cloth.

Outer sides are folded in and then pad snaps closed giving a total of six layers of flannelette, plus three additional layers of terry for absorbent protection.

In addition, it quickly unsnaps and unfolds for thorough laundering and quick drying.

These pads are all most women need for the entire menstrual cycle. A 12 pack is a great way to get started.

Care instructions:
After use rinse and place in small laundry bag until wash day. Then just throw the whole bag in the washing machine – Machine Wash and Dry.

100% cotton flannelette and 100% cotton terry

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